It’s always interesting to me how the most unexpected events can sometimes be so positive… and cause for reflection.  This week, I had one of those unexpected things happen to me. A colleague and friend of mine instant messaged me earlier this week.  He informed me that, although I didn’t … Continue reading



How many of you have heard the old cliche’ about the guy looking for a job?  He goes in to apply and the boss says, “You’re perfect, except we need someone with more experience.” The guy says, “How am I supposed to get experience unless I get the job?” The boss … Continue reading


I’m Committed

Yes, that’s right… I’m committed.  Now before you jump up and shout “It’s about time!  I’ve been saying you should be committed for years…”, I’ve got to break the sad news that it’s not that kind of committed. The committed I’m talking about today is the commitment to The Writing Show’s “First … Continue reading

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