Baby Steps

The idea of trying something new is often daunting, whether it is writing a story or trying yoga for the first time. I know when I’m faced with something new I often ask myself if I think I can do it. Will I enjoy it? Is it really worth making … Continue reading


Don’t Let the Proof Put You in the Pudding

I had a hard lesson re-enforced this week and the re-enforcement made me feel like a bit of a clod. Let me begin with a story. It is a story of hard work and commitment and ultimately, stupid mistakes. As you probably know, I have a podcast titled “Get Published”. … Continue reading


Get Published, Episode 13 – Self Publishing with Harold Curtis

NEW Update OK, so here’s the scoop… I had two versions of the podcast; a raw and a final. I ended up loading the raw version which, as you have heard, has a number of problems. The new version is now available for download. Sorry for all the confusion. If … Continue reading

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