Working Out the Bugs

Every new project, be it writing, podcasting, woodworking or whatever, has a teething period where everything isn’t quite perfect. That has certainly been true of all my past projects and it is proving to be true with my current writing/podcasting project. The project I’m talking about is my new GalaxyBillies … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 21 – The Writing Journey of Christina Rundle

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hello and Happy Holidays to you all. In this episode we talk to author Christina Rundle who talks about her writing journey thus far. Christina will have one of her short stories published in the upcoming Opus 5 for Lynda Williams’ Okal Rel … Continue reading


GalaxyBillies – Episode 0

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Happy Holidays everyone! As a special treat, I am putting the first episode of my new podcast project into the feed. GalaxyBillies is the story of five hillbillies who are kidnapped by a semi-sentient starship. To say they take the universe by storm … Continue reading

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