Should I Order the Steak or the Salad?

Have you ever gone out to a nice restaurant, looked at the menu and seen the most delectable dish that calls your name? You look at it, decide it’s too much to eat, move on and, invariably, come back to it and, somehow, despite your best intentions to behave and … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 25 – Interview with Erik Buchanan

Erik Buchanan is a former actor/fight director turned professional writer. He has a lot of interesting things to say about writing and his journey as a published author. His second book, “Cold Magics” is coming out in April. We also have a very good writing question. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading


GalaxyBillies – Promo

GalaxyBillies is the story of five humans who are kidnapped by a semi-sentient starship. If these humans were scientists or engineers it might turn out to be an adventure. Unfortunately, the humans in question hail from the Appalachian mountains and are a little… raw. What could have been adventure turns … Continue reading

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