GalaxyBillies – Episode 17

The battle lines have been drawn and a new gang of toughs enter the picture. Vice Chancellor Greklor’s true colours have been revealed to the entire galaxy and there is no turning back. The Kinfolk numbers are swelling. We are now up to 16. For those of you interested, you … Continue reading



With a title like ‘Endings’ you might think I’m quitting something, but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, I’m thinking about writing an ending to my SciFi/Comedy podcast ‘GalaxyBillies’. For those of you who have been following GalaxyBillies, you know that there are only a few episodes left … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 38 – Ridan Publishing’s Robin Sullivan

Robin Sullivan of Ridan Publishing talks about how she got into publishing. She also talks about the publishing industry and gives writers a list of does and don’ts. I also do a review of Tad Williams’ current release ‘ShadowRise’. It’s a monster-sized episode, but there is a lot of great … Continue reading

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