The 3 P’s of Publishing

Patience, perseverance and preparation are three words that tend to repeat a lot as my personal mantra. They are important to my writing life, my personal life and my work life too. They are a lot more than just words to me. They are the fundamentals to getting published. That … Continue reading


The Secret is (finally) Out

I’ve been hinting at a secret project for several weeks/months that I finally announced during Episode 53 of Get Published. For those of you who either don’t listen to the show or haven’t yet heard, spoiler alert. You may want to avoid reading further until after you have listened to … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 53 – JR Murdock Self Publishes Astel

A Twitterfriend of my mine, JR Murdock, is self-publishing his YA Fantasy novel Astel. He tells me it is partially prompted by this show and the growing interest and success of self-publishing. Especially for eBooks. Naturally, I had to get him on the show to learn more about his endeavour … Continue reading

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