Shock to the System

I received the first set of edits for my manuscript, “Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero” this week. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for these edits, not entirely sure what to expect. I had hoped that, with the number of times I’ve actually read and revised the story, it would need … Continue reading


Mid-life Crisis

I’ve seen other people have a mid-life crisis where they buy a banging sportscar (note: use of word banging is merely my attempt to feel younger and more relevant) or trade in a spouse for a newer model. My fast-approaching high-school reunion (tomorrow, and no, I’m saying which one) has made … Continue reading


So Many Ways to Network at a Convention

I’ve long said that conventions are great places to network, but I didn’t realize the true number of possible networking opportunities available until I attended “When Words Collide”. There are the normal places like the dealer’s room. You can meet readers, writers and often publishers, editors and agents. The only … Continue reading

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