Leaping for Joy!

How original. I am ripping off the fact that today is February 29th, a day that only comes around every four years. Mind you, if all the end-of-the-world quacks are right, it is also the last one we will ever have so why shouldn’t I take advantage of it? But … Continue reading


Collaboration: Communications is Key

I have had the pleasure (and continue to have) of collaborating with several extremely talented people and I have learned the key to successfully collaboration. Another ‘C’-word: Communication. Without proper communication, any project will likely fail. When you are working with another person who is also busy, that failure is practically … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 77 – The Skinny on the Mad Scientist’s Handbook

Last episode, I mentioned The Action Pack Podcast. Everything is just about ready for release. The first episodes of each of the three stories have been writen and recorded for the podcast and the scripts have been sent in for the eBooks. The website, www.actionpackpodcast.com, even has teasers for you … Continue reading

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