Get Published Episode 82 – Rebecca K. Rowe Comments Via Science Fiction

As you know, I have several projects on the go, right now. Happily, Mik Murdoch proof work of the galley is finished and sent to Lorina Stephens at 5 Rivers Publishing. That leaves me a little time for the other projects. The most pressing is the YA Zombie podcast novel … Continue reading


Knowing Your Audience

I thought I would talk about audience today. Specifically, knowing who you are writing for and how you can ensure that you’re hitting the mark. I’ve been shown the value of understanding who might want to read my stories several times. When I sent in Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero originally, … Continue reading


Guest Post – Books that Inspired – Finding New Horizons – by Christopher Walker

I was a fairly dense kid while growing up. I wasn’t stupid. I easily managed A’s and B’s throughout school. I just wasn’t very aware of anything outside of my own immediate interests. I wasn’t aspiring to anything. I just ducked my head, hoping I’d make it to the next … Continue reading

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