Change is Inevitable

We all live in change and it can be both a good and bad thing. For example, my daughter is off to University this week. Yes, I capitalized “University” on purpose to emphasize what a big change it will be both for her and for me. It wouldn’t be such … Continue reading


Word on the Street

I have seen other writers have a great deal of success with word-of-mouth promotion. Essentially, one person tells two people (or more) about a new book who in turn tell two people (or more) about the new book  and so on. This is known as viral marketing or having a … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 90 – Tee and Pip Collaborate

90 episodes and still going. When I started planning Get Published almost four years ago, I never thought it would last this long. But it has and I am very proud of the show and all the wonderful people I have the chance to talk to as part of it. … Continue reading

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