Radio Plays & Serialized Stories

When I was a kid, we only ever listened to one radio station. It was a local station that played round-the-clock country music. Not a terrible thing, but also not something that gave me any real exposure to the broader pleasures radio could bring. It wasn’t until many years later … Continue reading


The Jury is Still Out

I’ve finished putting Boyscouts of the Apocalypse up on Wattpad and I’m still waiting and watching to see if  I get the full results I was hoping for. So far, I’ve had a good response to the story. Not stellar, mind you, but good. The exercise has helped me to … Continue reading


GalaxyBillies Christmas Podcast: Play in new window | Download Hello my Friends. I’ve been thinking about what my next GalaxyBillies story would be ever since I finished the 20-episode original Podcast. I have a couple ideas, but I simply haven’t had time to do anything with them. Then, as Christmas began … Continue reading

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