Big News!

As you may know, J.R. Murdock and I collaborated a couple years ago on a book. We wrote what we hoped would be the first book in a new YA/Steampunk/Superhero series. Writing as a team was a real learning experience with ups and downs, but we managed to finish the … Continue reading


I Have a Story in a Second Anthology This Month

Writing is often about luck and I know I’m VERY lucky to have stories appearing in two anthologies this month. The first story allowed me to revisit a character I’ve written about before. This time is different. It is a brand-new character in a genre I’ve enjoyed reading but had … Continue reading


I Have a New Story Out in the Anthology: Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate

A few years ago I wrote my first Charlie the Apprentice Wizard story called, oddly enough, Apprentice. It appeared in the very first issue of Flagship eMagazine published by Flying Island Press. Ever since that story came out, I’ve wanted to write more Charlie stories. When I heard about the … Continue reading

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