My Heart is Breaking

Tonight I decided to spend some time with my son. We sat and watched a movie together. That was nice and, perhaps is why what I’m about to say is so hard.

You see, my co-editor for the anthology, “A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil”, Jeff Hite and his lovely wife were expecting a baby. Yesterday, Isabel Grace was born. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after her birth.

My eyes are tearing up just writing these words.

Jeff and I have never met in person, but he has become a great friend. I have learned how kind a man he is and I have a pretty good sense of who he is and and what he stands for. I came downstairs from enjoying time with my son to read about the loss of his daughter and it felt like a dagger plunging into my heart.

Words truly cannot express my sorrow right now.

Earlier last night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Work hasn’t been fun, I’ve been traveling a lot and was tired. All that feels pretty insignificant now.

Jeff, please know that you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. I know you will move forward, but I also know that some of the light in your life has dimmed. All I can say is, continue to enjoy your family. Take joy from them. The anthology will still be here when you are ready.




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