Agent Search: Is Now the Right Time?

I have been considering the idea of an agent search more and more frequently the past couple years. Initially, I kept asking myself what I might have to offer an agent.

In case you are wondering, that was the younger, more pessimistic me (yes, I’m older now and I’m still occassionally pessimistic – on the whole I have a great deal more self-confidence in myself and my writing now)

As I have grown more comfortable in my own writer’s skin, I’ve changed that question from what to how much? As in, “How much time do I realistically have to look for an agent?”

It even goes one step further too and this is where the cold chills often grip me. I’m busy now. If I were to find an agent, would I have time to properly work with him or her (this is where the self-doubt still occasionally surfaces)? Then I remind myself of the old saying which says, “if you want something done (right), give it to a busy person.” I know I’m a busy person and I always seem to hit my deadlines.

So, does that mean now is the right time?

That is usually where I manage to step back from the ledge and not take the leap.

Then, I met Alexander Pierce virtually on Twitter. Alexander has been taking that very leap for a while and only a few weeks ago he was successful in his agent search. I read his post about it and got thinking about agents yet again.

And the question came up…again. Is now the right time?

I look at what 2015 has in store for me and I think the answer could be yes (btw, “could” is one of those hedging words for when you don’t want to commit to something).

I mean, I have a book I co-authored with JR Murdock coming out either late this year or early next. I’m working on the next Mik Murdoch which should be out next year. I’m publishing an anthology and Boyscouts of the Apocalypse. AND I should have at least two short stories coming out.

If I’m not ready now, when will I ever be? Sometimes a little fear is a good thing, but you cannot let it rule you.

All that being said, I will start my agent search this month. I will do that by crafting the best agent query letter I can and gather the list of agents I have been compiling. Then, I will unleash the dogs of war…or at least the dogs of querying.


Lost Momentum

I was going great guns with NaNoWriMo the first week and then the wheels fell off. I took my Scouts out to camp Saturday and Sunday so no writing got done: Saturday because I was no where near electricity and Sunday because I was tired from Sunday. At least, that’s my story.

I did manage to write again Monday and Tuesday (and again today) but the pace of my writing was only about half what it had been. Still, I’m sitting just shy of 30,000 words as I write this, so I’m still doing okay. I just have to pull my socks back up so I can take a good run at the 70,000 word personal goal.

I’m not panicking at all. I have Mik Murdoch 3 about one third complete and I have a couple of the short stories I wanted to write almost finished so things are good.

I do find it interesting how much momentum I have lost since last Friday. Initially I thought it might be because I had taken a (brief) break, but now I’m not so sure. I’m leaning more towards the weather being the big culprit. That’s because on Saturday it started to snow and never really let up. We now have several inches of the white stuff on the ground and it is cold. Very cold.

It kind of takes the wind out of my sails.

But, that’s behind me now. Despite being curled up in a blanket, I am writing again. I’m hoping to get back on track tonight with 4,000 words and keep that pace up until the end of November. That will put me comfortably over my own goal and substantially past the 50,000 NaNoWriMo goal.

How are you doing with your writing this month? Are you getting the results you hoped for? I’d love to hear about your own journey.



I hear stories from my fellow authors all the time about how someone has reached out to them to say how much something they wrote has changed their life. I’ve always envied those people hoping to have something similar happen to me.

Yesterday it did.

I received a note about a story I wrote for the shear fun of it. One I hoped people would enjoy but also one I didn’t think would make any kind of an impact other than entertainment.

Then, I got a note on Wattpad from one of my readers. He thanked me for the great story. I thanked him for his comment and then it happened. He replied back telling me how he was fighting cancer (again) and the laughter he got from my story has made the battle easier.

It was amazing to hear that. It was humbling to hear it. It made me look at my writing differently.

NaNoWriMo Update

Things have been going very well so far. I managed just over 7,000 words for the first two days of NaNo. Monday I added another 4,000 words and last night I wrote 4622 words. That puts my four day total at 15,739 words.

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