Exciting Times

I have known for a while that 2015 was shaping up to be an interesting year. Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty (written with JR Murdock) is due for release in June from Burst/Champagne Books and I have submitted the manuscript for book 3 of Mik Murdoch (currently titled Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience) to my publisher.

But that is only the start.

Jeff Hite and I are releasing the much anticipated (at least by us) anthology, Dimensional Abscesses in a couple very short weeks. This book represents the beginning of our new publishing venture, Evil Alter Ego Press. We have several fantastic stories and an absolutely amazing cover. Final edits are coming in from the galley which I am putting into our master document. Cannot wait.

I’ve also got a story in Charlie Brown’s latest anthology, Dirty Magick: New Orleans, which should be out any day now.

All of the above would have made for a stellar year by my estimates, but wait, there’s more! :)

I had the VERY good fortune to be featured on the Wattpad site. My story, GalaxyBillies began to be featured on Tuesday, April 7th. Just over a week ago, if you are checking.

Since that time, I have had almost 5,000 new reads. That is a truly amazing number and it is growing hourly. I have always believed GalaxyBillies would be published one day and with this response, I’m even more certain.

I will also be publishing Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie Plague in June (under the Evil Alter Ego Press banner). Based on feedback I’ve had for this story, there will be others in the series (hadn’t planned it to be a series, but it happened anyway). I have at least two other books planned for this series.

And, if that wasn’t enough, I am thrilled to announce that I have found an illustrator for a children’s book idea I’ve had for a very long time. I can’t give any details yet, but the script is ready and we will begin work very soon. I will share more as I can.

Finally (at least for this very moment), it sounds like Action Pack Podcast may be coming back in the coming months. My co-podcasters have both brought it up to me now and that means it is time to get thinking about my own story. Will it be the second Scouts novel or perhaps I will podcast my Champ McKay, Texas Space Ranger serial?

Stay tuned and find out. :)


Dimensional Abscesses Cover Reveal

For those of you who follow me on various channels, you may have already seen this amazing cover. We wanted to let our contributors see it first and have Evil Alter Ego Press do the reveal.

Now that we have done that, let me share the cover with you. I am very proud of this anthology. It has great stories and the cover is truly awesome! It represents the first book to be published by Evil Alter Ego Press evilalterego but it won’t be the last.

Dimensional Abscesses cover final


Megan Cutler Cover Reveal

Just shy of a year ago, I announced the publication of my first novel Island of Lost Forevers. Real life has presented some real challenges since then (such as moving across an ocean and a continent), but I’m finally ready to share my novel’s sequel with you. In fact, the book’s release will coincide with my original cover reveal; how’s that for synergy?
Without further ado, I’m pleased to introduce:


It’s been eight years since Damian struck Sentomoru dead. The island flourishes under Catilen’s rule, but Damian can’t escape the former lord’s shadow. It taints the rivers, trees and flowers. It haunts him keenest in the form of Catilen’s seven-year-old daughter, Morulin. Damian wants desperately to be a part of her life, but fears rejection when she learns the truth about her father’s death.

Catilen dismisses Damian’s anxieties, claiming the dead can cause no harm. But when both she and her daughter admit to dreaming of Sentomoru’s presence, Damian’s fears resurge. Neither he, nor his wife, can claim complete knowledge of the complex magic governing their island home. However irrational, he can’t shake the fear his struggle against Kenjiro Sentomoru is far from over.

Once again it was co-written by James Abendroth of Blackguard Press, and receives its fabulous cover from the lovely Beth Alvarez! Crossroads of Frozen Eternity will be available on as many e-book platforms as possible on Tuesday April 21st!


If you’re interested in being notified when the book goes live, please sign up for my Newsletter. In the meantime, you can check out Island of Lost Forevers. Or read the first three chapters free on Wattpad.


Best Regards,

~Megan Cutler

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