Low Ebb

I hate being sick. One of the only things worse than being sick is being sick AND tired.

Okay, so I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Stupid cold started its merciless attack last Friday night. I immediately dosed up on vitamin C hoping against hope that I could ward off the worst of it.

I was, as I usually am, wrong. But hope does spring eternal.

So, I got progressively worse over the course of the weekend to the point where I stopped getting anything resembling normal sleep (which isn’t terribly normal at the best of times).

Voice started to go.

Crankiness (more crankiness than usual) set in.

Did an interview for Get Published about Mik 3 – it made sense at the time.

And now, here I am. Trying to figure out how I can get rid of this cold and get a bunch of things done in what is proving to be my busiest week in a long time.

End of whinging (yes, I said whinging, not whining).


My Writing Influences – Anne McCaffrey

Probably the first author I ever read where I couldn’t wait for the next book was Anne McCaffery. The first book of hers that I consumed was Dragonsong and I felt an immediate connection with Menolly, the title character. The writing was relatively simple and eloquent and still managed to paint a rich story. The characters were real people to me even though the world they lived on was totally alien.

Even today, decades later, Dragonsong is one of my favorite books.

The other thing that I really loved about her writing is how she continually built on the world/universe the stories were taking place in. She would mention other places in passing and eventually visit them, tying everything in the world together. She also constantly would talk about people and we would meet them later or in other stories, making everything that much more real.

Anne McCaffrey is the reason I am a writer today. She was first published later in life which gave me some hope. Her success grew gradually, which also makes me optimistic for the future of my own writing.

I never had the opportunity to meet Ms. McCaffrey. The closest I ever came was when my mom, a teacher/librarian, went to a convention where Anne McCaffrey was a keynote speaker. Mom took all my books (including a battered falling apart copy of The White Dragon) with her for signing. Ms. McCaffrey was very gracious and signed every book. Mom tells me she was a very generous and friendly lady. I wish I had been there.

One day I hope to be the writer she was. I hope to have the same effect on others that she had on me.


Get Published Episode 147 – Nobilis Reed Talks About Erotica

There are genres out there that I know very little about. Genres where I have the wrong idea what they represent. One of those genres was Erotica.

I decided to fix any misconceptions I had about Erotica by talking to a writer of the Genre. Nobilis Reed is a podcaster and writer of Erotica. And today, he is my guest for Get Published. Nobilis clears up many of my misunderstandings about the genre and provides a lot of great information. I enjoyed the conversation and I think you will too.

And while I have your attention, Mik Murdoch, The Power Within is eligible to be nominated for a Prix Aurora this year. If you are Canadian and would like to help me get my newest book into the awards, I would ask you to go to www.prixaurorawards.ca. You need a membership but the cost will also gain you eBook copies of all the nominated books. A bargain for $10. That membership will allow you to both nominate and vote for the awards. There will be a link in the show notes.

I would really appreciate your support.

And before we begin the show, I would like to remind you that if you have any questions or comments, you can send them to podcast@michellplested.com. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will find the person best suited to answer it and play it on the show.

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published Episode 147 – Nobilis Reed Talks About Erotica

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

00:14 — Introduction – Get Published Episode 147 – Nobilis Reed Talks About Erotica (continued)

Welcome to the show.

01:37 – Promo – Flash Pulp Podcast

02:13 Get Published Episode 147 – Nobilis Reed Talks About Erotica (continued)

Mike and Alasdair discuss:

  • Podcasting, e-publishing, e-publishing as a business, erotica, slice of scifi, 50 shades of grey, external Genre, internal Genre, erotica Vs pornography, porn, Romance, Harlequin, erotica promotion, Author Platform, Brand is key

28:30 – Promo – Mighty Marvel Geeks

29:04 — Closing

Thank you for listening.

Websites mentioned in this episode:

Nobilis Reed – http://nobiliserotica.com/site/

Flash Pulp Podcast – http://flashpulp.com/

Mighty Marvel Geeks Podcast – http://webegeekspc.com/category/mighty-marvel-geeks/

Prix Aurora Awards – http://www.prixaurorawards.ca


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