Get Published Episode 145 – LDCrichton Talks About Agents

Happy New Year everyone!

Have you ever had the experience where you buy a certain make and model car and suddenly you see them everywhere you go? Chances are pretty good that it isn’t because everyone else suddenly bought the car like you. It is more likely because you are more aware of that particular car.

Why do I bring up this little analogy? Well, it seems like everyone I know is suddenly getting an agent. I know that isn’t actually true but I have certainly seen a number of people make that relationship a part of their careers. I’m pretty sure I’m noticing it more because it has been on my mind a great deal lately.

So, because it is on my mind a lot and because two shows in a row about authors finding agents couldn’t possibly be enough, I talk to LDCrichton about her success in getting an agent on today’s episode. You might remember Leah from an earlier episode where we talked about Wattpad. Leah is a great guest as always and I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you do too.

And, as always, I would like to invite you to leave me any comments, questions, tips or any other feedback you might have.

And before we begin the show, I would like to remind you that if you have any questions or comments, you can send them to If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will find the person best suited to answer it and play it on the show.

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published Episode 145 – LDCrichton Talks About Agents

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

00:14 — Introduction – Get Published Episode 145 – LDCrichton Talks About Agents (continued)

Welcome to the show.

01:34 – Promo – HeyKids Comics

02:06 Get Published Episode 145 – LDCrichton Talks About Agents (continued)

Mike and Leah discuss:

  • Agents, Wattpad, opening doors, pitch madness, #pitmad, query, rejection, publisher’s marketplace, agreement, contract, rights, Wattpad4, @ldcrichton

27:28 – Promo – Pandemic

28:28 — Closing

Thank you for listening.

Websites mentioned in this episode:

LDCrichton –

Manuscript Wish List –

Query Tracker –

HeyKids Comics –

Scott Sigler’s Pandemic –


Stepping Away from your Work

I have heard many authors say that prior to editing something, you should put it aside for a period of time first. That way you are coming back to it with fresh eyes.

I’ve used that technique myself successfully many times but only ever on a finished project. Today, I had the opportunity to pick up something I had worked on a couple months ago but not completed.

I decided to reread what I had already written so I could more easily pick up where I left off.

The first thing that hit me was, the writing was better than I remembered (don’t you love when that happens?). The second thing was I discovered a way to enrich the story considerably by moving a few chapters closer to the end of the story. Doing so will keep the story moving at a brisk pace, introduce another major plot element and allow the story to finish more strongly.

Fresh eyes for the win!

It also got me excited about the story again. That’s largely because I had written the story to the point where it was thoroughly plotted and then kind of ran out of gas. I knew what I wanted to do in the second half, but I had written faster than I had story ready. I needed time to process the ideas so I could write something good.

Now I know how I’m going to do that.

Do you let your work rest before finishing it? How does that work for you?


Insanity is just a state of mine

I had originally intended to title this post, “Insanity is just a state of mind” and mistyped mind to be mine. As I was looking at it, I realized how much more appropriate that title is.

So, I kept it.

In truth, insanity is probably a state we all go through at one point or another. To use a(nother) cliche’, “One person’s insanity is another’s reality”. I think this probably explains why I like writing so much. My writing focuses on characters and thus I get the chance to explore different people’s insanity…which is often just a different aspect of my own (most likely).

But back to my own insanity.

I am currently questioning it. That is simply because of the number of projects I have to complete in the next while. Not complaining. Just stating a fact.

I will talk about those little nuggets in the coming weeks (and yes, I did just pseudo cliffhanger you). ;)

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