Watch Out 2014

On only the second day of 2014, I’m back at it and moving fast. I kind of have to be. I have contracts for two books to come out this year (Mik Murdoch: The Power Within, 5 Rivers Publishing & Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty, Champagne Book Group/Burst Books) … Continue reading


Caught in the Crossfire (HELP!)

As many of you witnessed a few days ago, the young superhero, Mik Murdoch (whose adventures are documented in Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero) posted an opinion piece on this website decrying the ‘bully’ tactics of certain villains. He had heard through trusted sources that the super-villains of the world (many of whom have … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 95 – A Method to the Madness: Anthology Update

I’ve been on the road a fair amount the past few weeks and I have learned that the tools you use are critical to your creative success. There are plenty of applications that will allow you to stay in touch with home and keep your writing and podcasting moving forward. … Continue reading

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