Get Published Episode 120 – Leah Crichton, Wattpad Success

The road to writing success is a varied one and on today’s show I talk to Leah Crichton about how she has found success via Wattpad. I’ve been interested in Wattpad for some time and, because of Leah and my friend Aaron Kite, I decided to take the plunge. You … Continue reading


I’m (Finally) Published on Wattpad

  (Warning, this post contains a multitude of links) I’ve been hearing about Wattpad a LOT over the past months/year. My good friend Aaron Kite has several of his novels up on the site and even won the Watty Award for his novel, ‘A Touch of Poison’ (which I highly … Continue reading


Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Lorina Stephens was kind enough to tag me in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop, which is a Goodreads promotional enterprise among indie authors and publishers to highlight authors and books which might otherwise slide under the radar of many readers. We all answer the same 10 questions, which allows readers … Continue reading

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