Talk Isn’t Necessarily Cheap

Once again, I have found a great reason to talk to people. Simply put, I get great new ideas and opportunities from simple conversation. There have been library visits, convention appearances, award nominations, marketing and promotion opportunities and so many other things that never would have happened if I hadn’t stopped … Continue reading


I’m (Finally) Published on Wattpad

  (Warning, this post contains a multitude of links) I’ve been hearing about Wattpad a LOT over the past months/year. My good friend Aaron Kite has several of his novels up on the site and even won the Watty Award for his novel, ‘A Touch of Poison’ (which I highly … Continue reading


Finishing Projects/Ignoring the Shiney

One of the challenges that I face regularly is too many great ideas to work on. That may not sound like a challenge, but trust me, it is. If I give in to the temptation to start new projects every time I get an idea I would never finish the … Continue reading

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