Get Published Episode 102 – Nicole Chardenet Brings Laughs to Love

You may not know this, but I have been looking for guests who write outside the normal featured genres on Get Published. Traditionally, I have had lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers with the occasional Horror person thrown in for good measure. This hasn’t been done to exclude all … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 56 – Jennifer Hudock & The Goblin Market

Happy May Day to those of you who celebrate it. We don’t observe May Day in Canada but I still love May 1st. It has always meant Spring to me and the beginning of great things to come. Maybe it’s because I can finally see the end of another long … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 50 – Self Publishing Has Reached a Tipping Point Pt. 2

Episode 50 is finally here and the second part of the interview is now available. I’ve got to say, the last two years of podcasting have been wonderful. I have learned so much I know I made the right choice when I posted that first episode (even though it was … Continue reading

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