Get Published Episode 125 – Jake Bible & the Reveal of a Secret Project

A couple years ago, JR Murdock and I wrote a book together. The suggestion to do so came, as I’m finding many of my projects do, via Twitter. A mutual friend, DanDanTheArtMan said we should write together. I thought about the idea, liked it and approached JR about it. In … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 106 – J Daniel Sawyer and Creating Audio Books

On today’s show I have J Daniel Sawyer, a writer, producer, podcaster and voice-over artist. His list of fiction publications, both long and short-form are approaching fifty and he has been known to talk about contracts and copyright on occasion. Dan has recently released a book on creating audiobooks and … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 101 – Krista D. Ball Has Created a Food Sourcebook

I met the publishers from Tyche Books last Fall at “When Words Collide”. They talked about a new book they had coming out called “What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank”. The non-fiction book was going to talk about food throughout the ages with an eye to helping Fantasy and other … Continue reading

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