Get Published Episode 118 – Veronica Giguere Talks Audio Books

I listen to a lot of podcast fiction and one name that keeps coming up as a narrator extraordinaire is Veronica Giguere. I had the opportunity to meet Veronica at Balticon last May and she is pretty amazing to put it mildly. I knew I had to get her on … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 115 – Matthew Wayne Selznick, Creator

Matthew Wayne Selznick was one of the first people to ever podcast a novel. Like, in the first 2 dozen, first. He learned a lot doing it and made a name for himself along the way. I’ve been wanting to talk to Matthew for quite some time now, and I … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 113 – Self Publishing with Scott Roche

I have been thinking of self-publishing some of my books more and more the past few months. When I heard that friend and fellow author Scott Roche was releasing yet another book via self-publishing, I knew I had to pick his brain. And what better place to do that than … Continue reading

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