Beta Readers

I have always believed Beta Readers to be important to a writer. They are definitely important to me because, more often than not, my Beta Readers point out flaws in my stories that I am either unwilling or unable to see. For example, I’m currently editing/revising Scouts of the Apocalypse … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 102 – Nicole Chardenet Brings Laughs to Love

You may not know this, but I have been looking for guests who write outside the normal featured genres on Get Published. Traditionally, I have had lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers with the occasional Horror person thrown in for good measure. This hasn’t been done to exclude all … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 84 – Mike Plested Talks Publishing & Promotion

I am kicking the marketing and promotion machine into high gear. Or, at least, I’m trying to. This part of the process is all new to me and it is a challenge to know what to do and when and where. So, I’ve been blogging and tweeting about Mik Murdoch, … Continue reading

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