Get Published Episode 98 – JW Schnarr Talks Horror

Podcast: Play in new window | Download The holiday season is upon us and for some that means stress. For me, stress really starts to show up around deadline time. If I have properly scheduled myself, no stress. If I have too much going on, proper scheduling goes out the … Continue reading


My Achilles Heel

I think there are several things that I do well (although I usually don’t dwell on what they are). On the writing front, I am able to knock off words that make sense relatively quickly. I’m a good line editor and a passing developmental editor on other people’s work. I’m … Continue reading


Book Review: Imago Book 3 – A Warrior’s Tale

Podcast: Play in new window | Download A Warrior’s Tale tells the story of Nayla Treeborn, a half-elf, half-human warrior and her struggles to live in a world that is intolerant of a half-breed. The novel, while the third in the series, is actually a prequel to the first book. … Continue reading

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