Ups and Downs

Being a writer seems to be full of ups and downs. Up – you just finished writing your book, which is brilliant. Down – you submit it to 243 different publishers and receive an impressive collection of rejections. Up – Publisher #244 asks you for a full submission of your … Continue reading



Have you ever been faced with difficulty writing after finishing a big, high-energy project? I know I have. It usually starts out as me telling myself I’ve earned a (brief) break after burning the midnight oil to finish something. The problem usually is, brief often becomes prolonged. I know, I … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 120 – Leah Crichton, Wattpad Success

The road to writing success is a varied one and on today’s show I talk to Leah Crichton about how she has found success via Wattpad. I’ve been interested in Wattpad for some time and, because of Leah and my friend Aaron Kite, I decided to take the plunge. You … Continue reading

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