Get Published Episode 21 – The Writing Journey of Christina Rundle

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all. In this episode we talk to author Christina Rundle who talks about her writing journey thus far. Christina will have one of her short stories published in the upcoming Opus 5 for Lynda Williams’ Okal Rel anthology. Enjoy. Get Published, Episode 21 – The Writing … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 20 – Lynda Williams talks Writing

Welcome to episode 20 and Happy Anniversary to ‘Get Published’. I never expected to hit 20 shows this soon but it has been a lot of fun getting here. I am very happy to have Lynda Williams on the show today. Lynda is married with three children and works by … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 19 – Chat with Tee Morris

I am thrilled to have Tee Morris as this episode’s guest. Tee is one of two people who got me interested in podcasting. In fact, Tee’s ‘Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy’ was the first podcast I ever listened to. Tee has a real wealth of experience; he’s an author of … Continue reading

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