Get Published Episode 105 – Comedy Writing with Ira Nayman

On today’s show I have Ira Nayman, a Canadian comedy writer who has written both books and screenplays. He was also a writer/performer in a comedy troop in the 80’s. Ira and I talk about writing and comedy and several other things that we found funny at the time. I … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 103 – Deux Voiliers Publishing Making Art

On today’s show I have Ian Shaw who is the publisher for Deux Voiliers Publishing. I met Ian through Nicole Chardenet. Or did I meet Nicole through Ian? Sometimes the introductions get a little muddies. Either way, I met them both and we had a great discussion. I also talk … Continue reading


GalaxyBillies Christmas

Hello my Friends. I’ve been thinking about what my next GalaxyBillies story would be ever since I finished the 20-episode original Podcast. I have a couple ideas, but I simply haven’t had time to do anything with them. Then, as Christmas began to near I felt more an more that … Continue reading

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