Get Published Episode 114 – PJ Schnyder & OrD Talk Publishing and Creativity

PJ Schnyder, OrD & I talk about writing kickstarters, different genres including urban fantasy and paranormal romance and a lot more. Continue reading


The Flurry Before Departure

We’ve all heard the term “Perfect Storm”, right? Well, it feels like I am in the middle of one right now. This Friday, I am leaving for Balticon in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I still have to pack my bags, ensure I’ve got business cards and books AND get my itinerary … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 98 – JW Schnarr Talks Horror

The holiday season is upon us and for some that means stress. For me, stress really starts to show up around deadline time. If I have properly scheduled myself, no stress. If I have too much going on, proper scheduling goes out the window. This episode I talk about how … Continue reading

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