Cover Reveal – Mik Murdoch: The Power Within

Things are moving fast and furious now with Mik Murdoch: The Power Within. My Publisher, Lorina Stephens from Five Rivers Publishing confirmed that all edits are accepted and the book is into layout. The cover is also complete and approved. All this means the book will be available August 1. … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 113 – Self Publishing with Scott Roche

I have been thinking of self-publishing some of my books more and more the past few months. When I heard that friend and fellow author Scott Roche was releasing yet another book via self-publishing, I knew I had to pick his brain. And what better place to do that than … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 104 – Red Tuque Books Does Distribution

On today’s show I have David Korinetz who is the owner of Red Tuque Books. Red Tuque Books is a book distributor in Canada. David and I talk about book distribution and some of the challenges small presses face. I also talk about book reviews. Why they are important and … Continue reading

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