Get Published Episode 105 – Comedy Writing with Ira Nayman

On today’s show I have Ira Nayman, a Canadian comedy writer who has written both books and screenplays. He was also a writer/performer in a comedy troop in the 80’s. Ira and I talk about writing and comedy and several other things that we found funny at the time. I … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 98 – JW Schnarr Talks Horror

The holiday season is upon us and for some that means stress. For me, stress really starts to show up around deadline time. If I have properly scheduled myself, no stress. If I have too much going on, proper scheduling goes out the window. This episode I talk about how … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 94 – Barbara Galler-Smith, Multi-faceted Writer

I often think that, to be a successful writer, you should have a good understanding of the writing craft from multiple angles. That means writing, reading, editing, marketing and promotion and even publishing. That’s the ideal, of course, and few of us have either the time or the connections to … Continue reading

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