Get Published Episode 121 – Horror Comes to Get Published

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Halloween is just around the corner. That being the case, I decided it might be fun to hear about a genre I haven’t talked about much on the show. That genre…wait for it, is horror. I know. You are probably shocked … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 100 – Aaron Kite Talks Wattpad

Yes that’s right, episode 100 is finally here! It has been a wonderful journey that has lasted much longer than I ever expected. I have learned so much from doing the podcast and speaking to all my guests not to mention all of the friends and contacts I’ve made along … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 95 – A Method to the Madness: Anthology Update

I’ve been on the road a fair amount the past few weeks and I have learned that the tools you use are critical to your creative success. There are plenty of applications that will allow you to stay in touch with home and keep your writing and podcasting moving forward. … Continue reading

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