Get Published Episode 124 – Nila E White Talks about Lucky or Unlucky: 13 Stories of Fate

  I mentioned back in early November that I had two stories coming out in two different anthologies. The first of those anthologies was titled Lucky or Unlucky: 13 Stories of Fate. I thought it would be fun to talk with Nila White who is the editor and publisher of … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 99 – eBooks and Enthrill Distribution

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you are all getting a break from the workaday and are spending some quality time doing what you enjoy. In today’s episode I am happy to have President of Enthrill Distribution, Kevin Franco talking about Enthrill’s excellent eBook gift card product. I first came across … Continue reading


Get Published, Episode 3 – Don’t Fail to Plan (2nd try)

Howdy Folks.  Episode 3 is here a last.  If you have already seen it, have I got a story for you.  Well maybe not a GREAT story, but a story. After posting this episode of the podcast I noticed that it wasn’t showing up in iTunes.  I checked the developer … Continue reading

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