Get Published Episode 109 – Is JR Murdock a Super Genius or Merely Insane?

JR Murdock, who has done Unorthodox Writing Tips for the show and who also has collaborated on a couple projects with me has, what I consider to be, a crazy goal. He wants to self-publish 28 books in the next 24 months. We talk about his plans and what he … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 100 – Aaron Kite Talks Wattpad

Yes that’s right, episode 100 is finally here! It has been a wonderful journey that has lasted much longer than I ever expected. I have learned so much from doing the podcast and speaking to all my guests not to mention all of the friends and contacts I’ve made along … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 88 – Michell Plested Does A Reading

I have been talking about my upcoming debut novel, Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero for months now and it is now about to be released. The actual release date is scheduled for August 1, 2012. I thought it would be nice to share some of the book I’ve worked so hard … Continue reading

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