Mik Murdoch and the Power Within is Ready for Editing

I was going to title this post, “Mik Murdoch and the Power Within is Finished” but that really isn’t true. I still have to do a polishing edit before I send it to my publisher and editor. Once they have it, it will be edited/revised/re-edited to within an inch of … Continue reading


Resetting Expectations

I’ve talked about setting goals before. I am a big fan of using goals to succeed in my writing. Sometimes, unfortunately, I lose sight of my goals. It could be because of just about anything. Recently, concerns about my job were…distracting me from my writing. When that happens, it can … Continue reading


A Change is as Good as a Rest

Okay, the above title is not always true. Sometimes a change can be very detrimental. Like, if you go from an employed state to unemployed. Still, I think the inherent meaning of the saying has a lot of truth. In essence, sometimes when you are stuck in a rut, doing … Continue reading

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