Get Published Episode 111 – Every Photo Tells a Story

Short stories can be a great vehicle for authors. They give writers the chance to reach audiences they haven’t touched before. But where are markets for shorter work and how do you get your writing into those markets? On today’s show I talk to Mick and Katharina Bordet, the creators … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 55 – David B. Coe Talks About the Writing Life

I met David B. Coe at a local convention last year when we both sat a writing panel for beginners.  He sat at one end of the panel table and I sat the other. Pretty appropriate when you compare our writing journeys thus far. We were chatting after the panel … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 54 – Lorna Suzuki – Self-Published Success

Hello Everyone and thank you for joining me. In this week’s episode of Get Published I had the pleasure of speaking with Lorna Suzuki. Lorna Suzuki is a full-time scriptwriter specializing in biographic documentaries for TV. She is also the author of both the Imago series and the new Young Adult … Continue reading

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