Get Published Episode 116 – Writing for Middle Grade and Young Adult

I attended the 2013 edition of When Words Collide on the weekend of August 9th to 11th. I was on several panels where we had the chance to discuss writing in ways. On today’s episode, I will be playing back one of the panels, specifically a panel about Writing for … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 99 – eBooks and Enthrill Distribution

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you are all getting a break from the workaday and are spending some quality time doing what you enjoy. In today’s episode I am happy to have President of Enthrill Distribution, Kevin Franco talking about Enthrill’s excellent eBook gift card product. I first came across … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 82 – Rebecca K. Rowe Comments Via Science Fiction

As you know, I have several projects on the go, right now. Happily, Mik Murdoch proof work of the galley is finished and sent to Lorina Stephens at 5 Rivers Publishing. That leaves me a little time for the other projects. The most pressing is the YA Zombie podcast novel … Continue reading

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