Get Published Episode 101 – Krista D. Ball Has Created a Food Sourcebook

I met the publishers from Tyche Books last Fall at “When Words Collide”. They talked about a new book they had coming out called “What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank”. The non-fiction book was going to talk about food throughout the ages with an eye to helping Fantasy and other … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 81 – Paul E. Cooley, The Fiendmaster, Speaks

Mik Murdoch, Boy superhero is almost ready for the Advanced Reader Copies to go out. I’m busy proofing the galley right now. In fact, I stopped working on it to get this episode ready for you. Exciting times! I also wanted to put the word out to all of you … Continue reading


Beware of Foot in Mouth Disease

Controversy was ignited (perhaps even exploded) yesterday when the podcasting community, and more specifically the community, caught wind of an article written for a magazine that essentially said that only books that have no chance of publication ever go onto and real authors wouldn’t ever consider posting stuff … Continue reading

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