Get Published Episode 97 – Mark Leslie, Book Nerd with Many Hats

For those of you who have the joy of Black Friday, I hope you survived the mayhem unscathed.  Rather than going shopping, I went out with my Scouts to do our Survival Shelter Camp. There was lots of snow and lots of hunters around, but I’m pleased to report that … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 72 – Michael Stackpole Talks Digital Media

When I went to World Fantasy Convention in October, one of my goals was to line up some guests for the show. I didn’t really expect to get too many in person interviews because the convention is pretty busy and everyone is trying to get as much in as they … Continue reading


Things, they are a-changin’

Things have certainly changed since I started podcasting. Even more since I started blogging. For example, when I first started podcasting, the phrase “Self Publishing” carried a terrible odour. People who claimed to be self-published were held akin to vanity presses. Authors with true aspirations of writing full-time wouldn’t tread … Continue reading

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