Get Published Episode 113 – Self Publishing with Scott Roche

I have been thinking of self-publishing some of my books more and more the past few months. When I heard that friend and fellow author Scott Roche was releasing yet another book via self-publishing, I knew I had to pick his brain. And what better place to do that than … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 96 – Marc Johnson & Remembrance

If you are listening to this on November 11th, chances are good that you have had some sort of a ceremony commemorating the end of World War 1. Here in Canada that takes the form of Remembrance Day. During the Tips and Typos section of the show, I spend a … Continue reading


Leaping for Joy!

How original. I am ripping off the fact that today is February 29th, a day that only comes around every four years. Mind you, if all the end-of-the-world quacks are right, it is also the last one we will ever have so why shouldn’t I take advantage of it? But … Continue reading

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