Get Published Episode 120 – Leah Crichton, Wattpad Success

The road to writing success is a varied one and on today’s show I talk to Leah Crichton about how she has found success via Wattpad. I’ve been interested in Wattpad for some time and, because of Leah and my friend Aaron Kite, I decided to take the plunge. You … Continue reading


Back in the Short Story Saddle

It is always an internal conflict for me whether to write short fiction or simply focus on novel-length work. On the one hand, short fiction can expose me to new audiences and on the other, it pulls me away from my novel-length work. There are other reasons to write short … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 107 – Michael R Fletcher – Lessons of a First-time Author

On today’s show I have Michael R Fletcher. Michael is a writer, rock n’ roller, sound engineer and dad. He has had several short stories published and is about to release his first novel through Five Rivers Publishing. We talk about first time books, writing and what it’s like to … Continue reading

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