Get Published Episode 112 – Life in Stories & Next Steps in Evil

I try to take events and mentally catalog them for use in future books. That’s one of the reasons I like to sit and watch people. It helps me to make the interactions in my stories more realistic. In this episode, I will be talking about taking life and translating … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 97 – Mark Leslie, Book Nerd with Many Hats

For those of you who have the joy of Black Friday, I hope you survived the mayhem unscathed.  Rather than going shopping, I went out with my Scouts to do our Survival Shelter Camp. There was lots of snow and lots of hunters around, but I’m pleased to report that … Continue reading


Building an Author’s Signing Survival Kit

Let me begin by saying, the ideas that follow are not wholly mine. The idea of the survival kit was given to me during the “When Words Collide” writing conference. A very nice lady came to talk to me while I was manning the publisher booth and she asked me … Continue reading

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