Get Published Episode 102 – Nicole Chardenet Brings Laughs to Love

You may not know this, but I have been looking for guests who write outside the normal featured genres on Get Published. Traditionally, I have had lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers with the occasional Horror person thrown in for good measure. This hasn’t been done to exclude all … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 75 – Jennifer White Talks Screenwriting

I’ve been curious about screenwriting and just how a writer can make it in Hollywood. Can screenwriters work outside Los Angeles and be successful? I was able to ask these questions and many more when I talked to Jennifer White who is a screenwriter, tagline writer and novelist. I am … Continue reading


Get Published, Episode 8 – Interview with Phil Rossi

Hello Everyone. Well, we’re halfway through the year; I hope you are all doing well. Things are going well here and I’m increasingly hopeful that I will have an announcement in the near future. I do know that I have holidays coming up and I’m really looking forward to that. … Continue reading

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