Kickstarter Teaser from Tee Morris

Hi Everyone, A fellow podcaster, author and friend of mine is doing a Kickstarter for his Dwarf detective, Billibub Baddings. Tee Morris is looking to release a new book in the series titled: The Curse of Dillinger’s Diamond:A Billibub Baddings Mystery. In an effort to attract more/new readers and supporters, Tee … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 123 – VG Ford Discusses Serialized Fiction

I love writing, reading and listening to serial stories. Sometimes those stories are individual episodes of a bigger story and sometimes they are chapters of a story. Either way, they are fun for me. Don’t believe me? Check out my own serialized stories of Boyscouts of the Apocalypse and GalaxyBillies. … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 114 – PJ Schnyder & OrD Talk Publishing and Creativity

PJ Schnyder, OrD & I talk about writing kickstarters, different genres including urban fantasy and paranormal romance and a lot more. Continue reading

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