Get Published Episode 98 – JW Schnarr Talks Horror

The holiday season is upon us and for some that means stress. For me, stress really starts to show up around deadline time. If I have properly scheduled myself, no stress. If I have too much going on, proper scheduling goes out the window. This episode I talk about how … Continue reading


Book Review: Evolve, Vampire Stories of the New Undead

Evolve is a different kind of book for me; I usually don’t read either anthologies or vampire fiction. I’m more of a novel reader and while I enjoy vampire fiction the recent trends in that genre haven’t really struck a chord with me. Still, I think I was fated to … Continue reading


What Should You Write?

Do you ever wonder if you should be writing for specific trends in the book industry? Genre fiction, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy seems to be especially susceptible to trends. One day it might be dragons, the next zombies. Oh look, vampires that glitter. While it might work to see … Continue reading

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