Convention Fun

This weekend marks the third When Words Collide (A Festival for Readers and Writers). For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to attend, it is one of my favorite conventions. It started out fantastic and has only gotten better. I approach these types of events with several goals … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 120 – Leah Crichton, Wattpad Success

The road to writing success is a varied one and on today’s show I talk to Leah Crichton about how she has found success via Wattpad. I’ve been interested in Wattpad for some time and, because of Leah and my friend Aaron Kite, I decided to take the plunge. You … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 117 – Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child

Last episode you got to listen to a panel on writing for middle grade and young adult readers. This episode, I would like to present my final panel titled, Looking through the eyes of a child. This is, as you can probably tell, another young adult genre panel. We talked … Continue reading

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