Get Published Episode 94 – Barbara Galler-Smith, Multi-faceted Writer

I often think that, to be a successful writer, you should have a good understanding of the writing craft from multiple angles. That means writing, reading, editing, marketing and promotion and even publishing. That’s the ideal, of course, and few of us have either the time or the connections to … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 91 – Mike Talks to Publisher of New Independent, Tyche Books

When I attended the 2012 “When Words Collide”, I had the opportunity to speak with a number of old friends and make a few new ones. One of the old friends is Tina Moreau. When I first, she was a young writer who also read slush for a local press. … Continue reading


Get Published Episode 90 – Tee and Pip Collaborate

90 episodes and still going. When I started planning Get Published almost four years ago, I never thought it would last this long. But it has and I am very proud of the show and all the wonderful people I have the chance to talk to as part of it. … Continue reading

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